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The Easiest Way To Kickstart Your Fat Loss

Flat Abs Detox Tea

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Flat Abs Detox Tea - FlatAbsTea

FlatAbsTea is the solution to stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to your workout.

Perhaps more importantly, your “back-of-the-pocket” health tool for building an incredible body you're proud to show off at the beach...

Blended to Perfection

Blended to Perfection

For those who want to finally get rid of stubborn stomach fat safely…and naturally.

FlatAbsTea comes in individual teabags containing colon-cleansing senna leaf, diuretic greenbrier, metabolism-boosting ladybell root, casia seeds, and yam rhizome.

Every ingredient in this mix of organic herbal goodness was carefully chosen for one unique purpose— to give your body the full, deep, thorough cleansing that it wants!

My Gut Health

How Important Is My Gut Health?

You see, when we eat processed food, or are exposed to pollutant.

And your gastro-intestinal tract has a tough time handling it, and can’t digest it fully — leaving residue in your guts that adds up and gets worse over time.

This is a major part of where toxins come from. The effects of these toxins range from moderately uncomfortable to disastrous.

From bloating to mental fog to throwing your hormones off-balance — causing mood swings and even depression.

Any of that sound familiar?!

So, If you’ve been struggling with fat loss unsuccessfully, this is your ONE chance to hit the reset button for your health, and give your body the cleanse it deserves!

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We Are Here

We Are Here For You

With over 430 Million + cups served, we want to extend our commitment to service to you —and your household

What others are saying...

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“My body has been transformed… I have not only completely rebuilt my image and core (from chubby and fat 2 years ago to being a beach girl now), but I’ve also been able to have a clearer mind plus my energy is better than ever! This would have been unbelievable before.”

– Jessica F, Tallahassee Florida

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“I felt like i was hitting a plateau with my health and was having a lot of difficulty figuring out how to keep pushing to the next level until i found FlatAbs Detox. Through consistent use(day & night), this tea has been invaluable in helping me regain my focus and now, I feel alive again...”

– Mercedes S, Baltimore Maryland

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